Peugeot launches performance 308 GT

Peugeot Australia has launched its all-new 308 GT models, featuring bespoke visual and dynamic upgrades, and two, all-new turbocharged engines.

new peugeot 308 gt hot hatchback

The GT has been designed and engineered for those that want access to greater power without compromising overall comfort and practicality.

Buyers have the choice of a 151kW 1.6-litre petrol engine developing 285Nm, or a 133kW 2.0-litre diesel developing 400Nm.

Designed and engineered to offer greater power and dynamic abilities, the new GT model maintains many of the winning traits that saw the 308 awarded the 2014 European Car of the Year, including a featherweight 1200kg kerb mass.

Both 308 GT models feature lower ride height at the front (7mm) and rear (10mm) over other 308 models. Spring and damper rates for the 308 GT have also been stiffened by between 10 and 20 percent, depending on drivetrain.

The 308 GT’s response to driver inputs has also been sharpened with firmer steering, sharper throttle mapping and, in the case of the diesel drivetrain, sharper gear changes from the automatic transmission.

Both variants are also complimented by exclusive exterior and interior styling, as well as other features, including:

•    A new signature Magnetic Blue colour for the GT
•    Amplified and sportier engine note
•    Exclusive interior trim and steering wheel
•    Red illumination for the instruments
•    Instrument panel displaying read-outs from the car’s ECU, including levels of power and torque being delivered, turbo boost pressure, plus longitudinal and transverse acceleration
•    Exclusive GT badging
•    18-inch alloy wheels

Peugeot Australia, General Manager John Startari said the addition of 308 GT tops off a brilliant, innovative and thrilling model range.

“The arrival of GT tops off an exciting five month rollout of 308 for Australia – with the full complement of 308 models now available,” said Startari.

“The 308 GT adds further desirability to the Peugeot range and, with the existing models already surprising the harshest of critics, the GT is only going to bolster the allure of the Peugeot 308 range.

“The GT will give us the ability to offer a vehicle that offers visual and performance upgrades, while still maintaining the comfort and practical features of a day-to-day driver,” said Startari.

Alongside the GT models the 308 range will also receive an all-new 1.6-litre, turbo-petrol drivetrain developing 110kW and 240Nm.

The THP 150 drivetrain is a member of PSA’s highly decorated e-THP drivetrain family and will be available on Allure and Allure Premium models.

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